The Gaming Industry and Sun International

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Sun International and The Gaming Business

Sun International is considering buying a hotel group to boost earnings as a cap on the number of SA casino licenses limits its ability to expand its gaming businesses and a weak domestic economy undermines profitability at existing gambling operations.

The gaming and leisure company would issue more shares in order to fund the deal as it has limited scope to add further debt to its balance sheet. Sun international has a policy of keeping debt at around three times earnings before income tax depreciation and amortisation.

One of the main reasons for considering adding a hotel chain to Sun International is the fact the SA Government is reluctant to add to the 40 casino licenses it has already issued effectively limiting its options to pursue growth in the domestic market.

Sun International’s existing operations in various provinces are at different stages of maturity but in terms of expansion there are no constraints. An added incentive for a hotel chain is that 25% of Sun International customers are inbound foreign tourists yet very few of those spend much time or money on gambling – visitors don’t usually travel across the world to sit in a casino.

Profitability at Sun International’s 20 gambling and leisure units – which apart from Monticello in Chile and Federal Palace in Nigeria are all situated in Southern Africa – seems to be fading as sputtering domestic economic growth in the regional power house, SA, curbs buyer spending. The National Treasury expects real household growth in SA to slow to 3.6 % this year which is down from an estimate of 4.9% in 2011.

Of course another expansion strategy could involve domestic consolidation with the troubled Peermont group of potential target. However Peermont’s debt pf R9 billion debt is a significant portion which matures in 2014 which means that a takeover is unlikely.

Considering all that – snapping up an excellently-run hotel group might be a smart move.
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Staright Flush Or Royal Flush

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Poker Face!

Here are some terrific tips on how to keep the players happy, fed and engaged when hosting a poker party!

•    First and foremost you need to assign someone to the role of Casino manager so that they can manage the time and create the necessary structure the game will require. Too many chiefs can result in chaos.
•    Always separate the dab hands from the beginners to ensure that the beginners do not feel overwhelmed and the more experienced players are not frustrated by the slow pace of those not in the know.
•    Ensure that everyone begins to play at the same time.
•    Give everyone half an hour to settle in and chat for a while before the poker gets under way.
•    Determine a strict agenda prior to starting the evening – perhaps when you send out the invitation (usually an email will do), state how much everyone will contribute to the pot.
•    Strictly adhere to the agenda for blinds which are mandatory bets made before any cards are dealt and how they will be increased. Many players forget to increase their blinds and then the more serious players get thrown out of the game too fast.
•    Ensure there are certain guidelines for freeze outs, add-ons, or re-buys.
•    A “freeze-out” simply means that you buy your chips at the start and if you should lose all your chips, you are out.
•    Some tournaments have a re-buy option where you can buy chips when you start to run out.
•    At the end of a re-buy period, you can normally have one last chance to purchase extra chips – this is known as the add-on period.
•    Ensure that you decide how much the chips are worth by finding out how much players are willing to spend – this makes little difference whether it is R5.00 or R5 000 per chip.
•    Some crowds like to play for large stakes.
•    Remember to get a table that will accommodate at least eight people at one sitting and one that is covered with a thin cloth with space for a chip set and a couple of decks of cards.
•    Print out a couple of sheets with the ranking hands for the new players to use as a reference.
•    Ensure the food is snack friendly, but keeps the kids out.

House rules – straight flush or royal flush
how to play poker 1 Staright Flush Or Royal Flush

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Poker has long been a fun pastime for all throughout history.  Card betting games that have potential for winning pots of money have existed throughout history.  Poker especially has made a long-standing niche into life as most know it.  It’s no different now with all the online video poker sites that are present and the availability of playing poker at the casino or even the televised tournaments that all enjoy.  But how do the pros stay in poker shape?

Well, poker pros try video poker to keep them at their top poker form.  Practice makes perfect in any area of life.  The pros know this.  That’s why the poker pros try video poker online from the comfort of their own home when they can’t be out playing the game.

So if you like most of the world love the game of poker then try keeping your skills sharp with like the pros.  Poker pros try video poker and thrill at how inexpensive it is to keep up those poker skills.  They love the fact that they can do it from their easy chair, office or anywhere they can get online.  Choose from a multitude of different poker games so that your practice session is well rounded and be like the pros, poker pros try video poker all the time.
You won’t find any confusing instructions on this poker game, that’s why poker pros try video poker.  They so easily mimic the real-life poker game.  You can bet the maximum amount which is five coins per hand or just one at a time.  You can also cash out at any time and get your winnings.

You can track your winnings in the credit window throughout your gaming for ease of keeping track of how much you’re up.  The ease of play and fun of this game is why poker pros try video poker.

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Poker Games with Silversand Poker

Cant reach a casino but love to gamble? Online casinos are the answer to that. These casinos are considered to be user friendly and playing here is in literal terms a bonus filled ride. Starting from new player bonus to deposit bonus, these casinos have so much to offer that can make ones world go round. The variety of games an online casino offers serves as a major reason for its popularity all around South Africa. One of the major highlights of online casinos is poker games which has acquired tremendous popularity. An online poker game is a game played under set rules which cannot be violated.

How do online poker games work? The process is not at all difficult. Websites or online casinos offering the poker have made poker rooms available which can be readily downloaded. Most sites also allow new players who have not gained adequate knowledge for the game to gamble with a little as R1. This gives beginners as opportunity to know more about the game as well as excel at it. Like real casinos, poker played in an online setting is also monitored in order to avoid any acts of illegitimacy.

One such platform offering online poker games is Silversands Poker. Silversands casino welcomes its new players by giving them a welcoming bonus of R100 on their signup. One can enjoy the game in both multi player as well as a single table setting. The site has an easy to use interface which helps in giving the players a gambling experience that will make them come back for more. In order to facilitate the players, the payment and the deposits can be done in a number of currencies as per the players choice. With a game such as poker, players may need technical assistance. To cater that need, Silversands has system of live customer support which is active round the clock.

 Poker Games with Silversand Poker

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Delight in sports betting

I really like sports and sports betting so, I really was rather psyched to come upon a website called 

They feature the greatest game player customer care services acquired online. They’re just prompt with their responds and plus they are really fair when its time pay- out the bettors. They definitely boast the best assistance ever encountered. By the way their gambling processes are conducted, displays exactly what a good top quality and renowned internet site they really are. 

When I was just browsing through this web site, I experienced some suggestions that can help new gamblers excel at sports wagering. Once a new player looks at this website, they not only just exit with more passion for sports betting, but increased education as well. 

What I also actually like on the subject of sports betting is that you could decide to put your wager on the net through the login name plus you can easily place bets when you are on the run through your mobile cellular phone! I move around most of the day so this is definitely a quality characteristic for myself. It furthermore denotes I could place wagers whilst I with friends or family at any location. You can even add bets on real life programs which is actually amazing! Last week my mate and I were relaxing and checking out the rugby and mid-game, and I proceeded to place a bet and add to my fixation on this sport by a 100%

The site is absolutely well arranged with all the features being user friendly. They even possess a face book betting game that is mostly for beginners, which happens to be the same as the real betting game. Gamers can train and later gamble for real winnings. It’s as basic writing out “fantasy sports betting” on the face book search, and then you’re ready to practice. 

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Poker Strategy

Poker Strategy

Mastering the game of poker is something that is only available to some minds but after reading some tips and feeling that you are already prepared, then it is best to start playing and discover yourself to which level you belong.

Start by studying the various profiles of their opponents. Once you start playing poker you will notice the differences between the opponents and the various players as well as the strategies they use. Although some variants can be altered by behavior of hands or volume of banking, this could be considered rather close to reality.

There are players for all preferences. The ones that pass (“check”) most of the hands, others are always more confident to raise the stakes (“raise”) at all times grabbing a stronger hand. Trying to identify the profile of the players who you play against is one of the best kept secrets in the history of online poker. Try to recognize the differences and focus to beat them!

Online gamers, and even those who play in real casinos often show different styles. Discovering the difference is half way to the win.

Player “Tight” Player vs. “Loose”

Tight – A player who is more at risk in the hands only at moments that they have higher value, ie, only when they feel their chances of winning are higher at the outset of his opponents. On the other hand, there are players with different strategies (Loose), playing a large number of hands regardless of the value of their hands.

Remember poker is reflection of your personality. A good player should be aware of their actions by instinct, whether it is the right time to be impulsive or relaxed, and balance his emotions.

Poker Strategy 20110906364.0187 Poker Strategy

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Famous Poker Players

Famous Poker Players

In the history of poker ever heard of someone who became a myth or a legend, having emerged from anonymity and quickly winning tournaments in some spectacular fashion way? Here we picked two professional poker players who made history in the pokerworld. Check it out.

Johnny Moss:

Born in 1907 in Odessa Texas, where he learned to play since a young age. He was a teenager when they hired a local hall to make sure the game was played correctly. Two years later he began to travel to play games of poker.

In 1949 he played with Nick The Greek for five months in a marathon organized by Benny Binion, and gained between two and four million dollars. Thanks to these men, poker has become popular and was created the World Series of Poker in 1970. Johnny Moss won the main event in 1970, 1971, and 1974. He played every year from 1970 to 1995 and won eight bracelets in total and ensuring a Silver Cup and nine wins at the WSOP.

Amarillo Slim:

Thomas Austin Preston Jr. is his name, but no one recognizes the cowboy like lanky player by the name which he was baptized.

Slim’s prestige is such that he shared poker tables with presidents (Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon), and even got to be face to face with the infamous Pablo Escobar. The drug dealer who knew of the presence of Slim in a Cartagena Casino ordered his men to kidnap the old player. Slim would eventually be released back in Medellin, but not before being stripped of everything that was he carrying, clothes included.

After seven years of constant travel, Amarillo decided to settle in Texas where he would meet another big name in world poker - Doyle Brunson.

The two were the main reason for the positive image that poker has today in American society. From making the transition of poker played in basements and hidden locations from Texas to the halls of the glamorous casinos of Las Vegas.

Famous Poker Players 20110906373.5362 Famous Poker Players

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Learning to play in poker tournaments can be advantageous, since you will go through different strategies from different opponents. The more a person plays poker, the more an expert becomes. Furthermore, cash prizes and gifts make the tournament an activity that becomes very enjoyable. There are several types of poker tournaments. Let’s address a few of them:

Sit and Go

For this mode, the seats are distributed in order of arrival and the poker game is initiated as soon as there are enough players (usually 9 or 10). You can unregister from the seats if they all have not been occupied.


Formed by several tables, where each table can start with 9 or 10 players. As players are eliminated, tables are arranged so that always has the same amount of players in each. For instance, a  poker tournament of  50 players have 5 tables with 10 players each. After five eliminations, we have 5 tables with 9 players each. After the first 10 deletions, one leaves the table and began to have 4 tables with 10 players each.

This poker system follows until only one table with ten players, the long awaited final table. The tournament is played until only one player on the final table, becoming the champion. It is a pre scheduled tournament. The cancellation of application can only be performed until 15 minutes before the start.


Satellite is a type of tournament whose prize is the doorway to a larger tournament. Example: If the buy-in tournament costs $ 400 and buy-in to the satellite cost $ 40, with 10 participants in the satellite, 1st place wins a major poker tournament entry. If  20 participants gain entry 1st and 2nd places.

Free Rolls

Admission is free, there is no entry fee, no buy-in, but you gain cash prizes, gifts or entries for poker tournaments.


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What Are Online Competitions?

There are so much that a person can do for a hobby, which is rewarding and fun like entering online comptitionsMany of these sweepstakes, which are major, have promotions available to enter online for free. Lots of companies have the online contests to have attention drawn and excitement is created for their kind of products that they sell. A person will not have to buy anything to enter these drawing which are random.

These online contests have so many different types of prizes, which range from homes to T-shirts and all they will have to do is have a computer that has a connection for Internet and a persons time. When a person spends time while entering these online contests should not be work but is fun to do. Since a person can have a very vivid imagination to see these possibilities for what prizes that they can win. If they are very patient and persistent, they can be successful and regularly win.

These online contests can be accepted usually in two ways: a drawing that is random or a game, which is a win that is instant. In these drawings, which are random for online contests, all of the entries that are in these drawings at the finish of this promotion will determine a winner or winners. With the game, that the win which will be instant, the entry time set previous to these promotions and a person that has entered closest to this time will be the one they award the instant prize to. There are so many more types of these contests it is hard to name all of these here. All a person will have to do is look on the internet to find the ones that appeal to that persons style.

What Are Online Competitions  20110830524.8684 What Are Online Competitions?

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Poker School – Learn Texas Hold’em and other styles!

Want to brush up on your poker skills? Have you been out of the game for a while? Or just looking to get a bit of extra training and insight? Here’s a great online Poker School that can get you back in touch with the basics. But that’s not all! This site also has a complete explanation of other poker games that you might never have played before! Did you know that in Omaha Hi you get four hole (face down) cards, but making a flush doesn’t necessarily become easier? Or that in a stud game there are no “community cards” but that everyone gets their own five or more cards? Texas Hold’em might be the most popular type of poker, but are you sure it is the most fun or most exciting? Try out these interesting other poker games and find the style that suits you best!  

Also, if you feel a bit rusty or insecure about your game, there are plenty of online games where you can play without risking any money. Hone your skills at bluffing and counting probabilities in these free online poker games, and you’ll be ready for the real deal in no time!  

And for those who feel confident that they are already at the top of their game and can easily beat less experienced players: grab the chance to shine in one of the many Poker Tournaments, which are, by the way, almost always Texas Hold’em style. So show ’em what you got!

Poker School   Learn Texas Hold em and other styles  20110826760.7236 Poker School   Learn Texas Hold’em and other styles!

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